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WHAT IS DUI?  DUI is the possession of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. In Georgia, when you are caught with the Blood Alcohol Content (or BAC) of 0.08 grams or more, or if you refuse to be tested, you will face a series of consequences. The suspension of your license usually occurs before the criminal case is heard. You may also have an additional hearing before an Administrative Law judge regarding the administrative suspension. Conviction of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) will also result in suspension of the privilege to operate a boat or vessel on the waters within the state.
 IMPORTANT FACTS Driving Under the Influence is a crime. Consequences can affect your freedom as well as your finances. If convicted, you will immediately become involved with a number of agencies. 
Even the first time DUI offense has many devastating consequences for the client. We have listed the first time offender laws on this page for your information. 
Contact our office if you have more than one DUI for immediate assistance.